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portraits of any kind are are a very personal process so
I will always do my best to put you at ease
Pete & Ellie Bellotte_Paul Griffiths Photography-30.jpg
Sample Images-58.jpg
Freddie K_Wood Green Studio_Paul Griffiths Photography-33.jpg
Sample Images-87.jpg
Le Manoir-136.jpg
Freddie K_Wood Green Studio_Paul Griffiths Photography-16.jpg
Summer Ball 2017_Corporate Solutions_Landmark Hotel_Paul Griffiths Photography-441.jpg
Portfolio_Performance_Paul Griffiths Photography aa(1 of 1)-18.jpg
Jason Atherton-51.jpg
Rachel Johnson_Black Roe_Paul Griffiths Photography-1.jpg
Gabby & Kenny Logan-19.jpg
Damon Hill_TWSteel_TMGroup_Paul Griffiths Photography-30.jpg
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