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a bit about me...

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I am Paul Griffiths , a freelance photographer covering London and the rest of the world. Wherever you need me , I will travel!

I've been fascinated with photography from a very early age.

It became a passion, that during my lifetime, I have been able to build into a successful business and career.

My extensive portfolio of work spans many subjects, genres and styles and I've been fortunate to have worked with the most remarkable and diverse array of people.

I genuinely love being able to capture the world around me and the people who inhabit it and am always excited to take on new projects.
My goal is to help you tell your story in the most engaging way possible. I will work with you from the planning stage through to final delivery and beyond. Whether you're looking for somebody to shoot a portrait or something more high-concept like a magazine feature, I want you to feel confident, I have the professional knowhow, ability and creativity to achieve the desired results within budget and on time.

I've have the experience of working with many amazing people, brands and companies.

I love being creative and I like to think that this is reflected in my work. I'm professional, hard working, dedicated, friendly and engaging.
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