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WEDDING  p  h  o  t  o  g  r  a  p  h  y

every precious moment in time captured 

Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-2.jpg

"If I get married, I want to be very married"
Audrey Hepburn




Wedding Sample-40.jpg
Alice & Elliot_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-582.jpg

pre wedding planning and practice shoot

I'm with you for the day
and into the evening
editing, processing
design and printing

more than 15 years experience...

Paul Griffiths Photography_Wedding Photography-15a.jpg

whether at home in the UK...

Kerry & Perry_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-159.jpg
Jitka & Charles_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-250.jpg
Wedding Sample-38-2.jpg
Wedding Sample-283.jpg
Jane & John Wedding_18th June 2022_Paul Griffiths Photography-186.jpg
Wedding Sample-233.jpg
Tracey & John_Wedding 30-07-22_Wellington Barracks_London_Paul Griffiths Photography-622.j
Karen & Neil_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-167.jpg
Emma & Malvin_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-147.jpg
Natasha & David_Wedding_Ibiza_PaulGriffiths Photography-172.jpg
Jane & Glyn-251.jpg
Rhona & Adam_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-429.jpg
Evija & Sohail-142.jpg

... or overseas far & away

Paul Griffiths wedding photographer's what I can offer you;

Wedding Sample-297.jpg

planning & practice shoot

all day coverage
from getting ready to evening dancing

image editing & processing
unlimited image quantity
high resolution digital files
album design & production

Paul Griffiths wedding photographer

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