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step into my world...

where my subjects are as diverse as my experience...

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I cover all types of events, conferences & parties

portraits, head shots, f&b,

no matter how large or small, at home in the UK or abroad 

where every detail captured is a moment frozen in time...

Whiskey & The Blues - Playboy Club Jan 2015-90.jpg

Paul Griffiths photographer

The Greatest Show_Summer Ball_Alpha Club_Landmark Hotel_Paul Griffiths Photography-297.jpg
Playboy Club_BGT Wrap Party 2015-482.jpg
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Christmas Ball 2018_Alpha Club_Landmark Hotel_London_Paul Griffiths Photography-413.jpg
Portfolio_Performance_Paul Griffiths Photography (1 of 1)-23.jpg
Devonshire Club Lunch_Nth Degree Club_Paul Griffiths Photography (8 of 47).jpg
Cocktails & Bar Food_Playboy Club London_Caesars Entertainment_Paul Griffiths Photography-
Laura & Andy_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography-164.jpg
Friends of Cayman Lunch 2019_Core_London_Paul Griffiths Photography-124.jpg
Amrit & Paul_Wedding_Paul Griffiths Photography (53 of 726).jpg

want to see more?

browse the website galleries...

and if you need further inspiration  
please have a look at my archive

Paul Griffiths photographer

what will I see for you, what will I capture?

anything is possible

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 when high quality professional photography counts...

you can count on me

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